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Business class IP telephony
built for SMB's

The flexibility to stay connected wherever you are

A state-of-the-art enterprise telephony service combining all the functionality of IP phone systems designed for large enterprises with monthly payments within the reach of small businesses.


Our cloud based business telephony solution (CloudPBX) enables SMEs to enhance their image and increase their productivity so that they never miss a call again.

Reduced telecommunication costs

Reduced telecommunication costs

No more long distance charges, long-term contracts, expensive and underperforming phone equipment. You can now take advantage of the functions that were previously reserved only for large enterprises with a monthly payment at your fingertips.

Productivity and mobility

Productivity and mobility

Maximize your productivity and that of your employees thanks to the advanced functions offered at no additional cost. Treat yourself to scalable automated reception with intelligent call routing wherever you are.

A different approach

Traditional phone providers as well as most VoIP service providers still impose limits... based on the number of phone lines that you need to acquire at a high price. The same "phone line" that was invented by Sir Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Yet Voice over IP (VoIP) technology and today's high-speed internet networks can handle hundreds of simultaneous calls. So, we believe that with the available technology, it is somewhat unfair to charge our customers with "phone lines".

Our unlimited business phone service allows you to keep your current phone number and get rid of your expensive "waterfall lines" or "SIP trunk". Our solution allows you to route as many incoming calls and as many simultaneous outgoing calls as you need without paying for "phone lines or IP lines". Our service includes more than 50 advanced telephony functions to let you to keep in touch with your customers and put an end to busy lines!

Our functions

  • Mailboxes with message email notification

  • Automated receptionist (or Interactive Voice Response)

  • Unlimited calling to Canada and the United States

  • Queues and ring groups

  • User mobility; all functions are accessible from a simple Internet connection at the office or via telecommuting

  • Multi-user conference bridges

  • Portability of your current phone number

  • Call Transfer and Call Following ("Follow-me" functions)

  • Configurable functions in self-service portal

  • Managed and Autoconfigured HD IP Phones

  • Autoconfigured iPhone and Android mobile virtual extension (softphone)

  • Music on hold management by user

  • Call recording management

  • Call blocking

  • Virtual fax

Our plans

Description Our most economical plan designed specifically for small businesses with 3 to 10 employees. Our most popular plan! Includes all the functions which are designed for large companies with a monthly payment within the reach of small companies.
Number of Simultanious Calls



Included long-distance calls

Quebec Unlimited calling

Unlimited Canada/US calling

Call Transfer Between Users
Message Waiting Indicator
Message Waiting Email Notification
Voicemail for Each User
Extra Voicemail Boxes Add-on
Global ring group
Toll-free Number
Management Portail
Productivity features
Extra Ring Groups Add-on
Custom Music-on-Hold Add-on
Virtual Mobile Extension (Softphone) Add-on
Audio bridge Add-on
IVR Menus Add-on
Call Parking Add-on
Follow-me Add-on
Virtual FAX Add-on
User Portail
Call Detail Record and Call Statistics
Call Forward Management
Music-on-Hold Management
Call Recording Management
Call Blocking
Automatic Call Distribution and Call Center Features

Our Phones

We offer a wide range of devices to meet all situations. Our advisers will help you choose the high-performance IP telephone (VoIP telephone) suited to your needs.


GXP1625 Économique
  • 7.5 cm backlit LCD display

  • 3 programable keys

  • PoE et power adaptator included


GXP1630 Standard
  • 7.5 cm backlit LCD display

  • 8 programable DEL keys

  • 3 programable keys

  • PoE et power adaptator included



GXP2135 Avancé
  • 7 cm Color LCD display

  • 8 programable DEL keys

  • 5 programable keys

  • Bluetooth Support

  • PoE et power adaptator included

GXP2170 Exécutif
  • 11 cm Color LCD display

  • 12 programable DEL keys

  • 5 programable keys

  • Bluetooth Support

  • Up to 4 expension modules of 20 keys per module

  • PoE et power adaptator included



DP750_720 Wireless
  • 4.6 cm Color LCD display

  • 4 programable keys

  • 300 meters range outside / 50 meters range inside

  • PoE et power adaptator included

GAC 2500 Conference
  • 11 cm Color LCD display

  • 3 cardioid microphones; 3,66 Meters pickup distance, 360° capture

  • Android Operating System

  • Bluetooth Support

  • PoE et power adaptator included

Customer Testimonials

Transition Plan

Our team supports you at every stage of your new business phone system implementation project.

  • Identification and Requirements Assessment

  • Design of the evolutionary transition plan meeting current and future expectations

  • Presentation of the project plan

  • Deployment without service interruption

  • User training and support

Other Solutions

Network Infrastructure

Support for network infrastructure to ensure secure accessibility of your cloud services and communications with your customers.

Cloud Solutions

Email integration, teleconferencing, online storage, Office 365 and multi-layer protection to increase productivity and efficiency for businesses to ensure a safe a secured business grow.

Managed Services

Remote management, optimization, continuous monitoring, and preventive maintenance to prevent service interruptions and optimize system performances.

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